Yeoh Li Ching,新加坡

image 我的女儿今年8岁, 用眼保仪15天了. 治疗之前我在大约9英尺的距离测量她的视力, 双眼都在0.3. 使用8天后, 右眼已经可以看到0.8(几个符号), 左眼能看到0.6...

My daughter 8 years old had used "yanbaoyi" for 15 days. Before used I had been tested that the eye sight distance test for approximately 9 feet for both eye were 0.3. In the first 8 days, found the right eye can see until 0.8 (a few character) and left eye until 0.6 after exercise.

--- Yeoh Li Ching , 新加坡